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Friday, July 13, 2007

The genius of Wren

Shot with Olympus E500

This could be a comment on old and new buiding, but instead I'd like to tell you about the genius of Christopher Wren, the master builder who is responsible for so much about what we think beautiful in London.

I know you know St Paul's is rather nice to look at, but I bet most of you don't know its secret. That is, there are two domes. He knew that this shape, delightful from the outside, would have looked totally wrong and much too tall from the inside. So there are actually three domes. The one you can see here, the one you can see from inside, and one in between the two for structual strength. Genius.

I'm away on holiday for a week, have a good time in my absence. Posting continues thanks to the archives and Eric.

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Comments on "The genius of Wren"


Blogger Sally said ... (00:44) : 

I think the single biggest improvement in Londin in the last 50 years is the millenium footbridge, which opens up this end of Londin from the south side of the Thames. Not quite the architectural (or even engineering) genius of Wren, but visionary! Linking St pauls's and The Globe is so....unifying or something!


Anonymous NiC said ... (09:56) : 

Certainly the Millenium footbridge makes a wonderful path leading up to St.Pauls. It made me see a building I almost took for granted, in a new light. But personaly I'm not a fan of the Globe at all (other than its use in Dr.Who).

I knew about the two domes Ham but not about the third for strength I think. Excellent.


Blogger Ham said ... (22:12) : 

I am a fan of the Globe, but I suspect only because I was involved through its very early stages and saw it grow, and because I am deeply amused that the open air thing doesn't really work in modern day London.

And yes, the Millennium bridge is great.


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