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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ordinary Londoners - No 6 in a series

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In spite of recent furore over Cash for Honours, changes since 1993 mean that ordinary people's efforts can be recognised by the system, which I think is good. So meet our local hero, Dame Gill James, MBE, Assistant Librarian and all round good sort. She has worked tirelessly and selflessly for our community for years and years, and is a worthy and popular recipient.

You can nominate someone for an honour here.

The Ordinary Londoners Series: No 1, No 2, No 3, No 4 No 5

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Comments on "Ordinary Londoners - No 6 in a series"


Anonymous NiC said ... (08:10) : 

..and with Douglas Adams in her hands clearly a woman of great taste too.


Blogger lynn said ... (10:44) : 

Worthy i'd say! Books books books... heaven.

What a great thing you're doing here, Ham. You're quite worthy yourself you know.


Blogger Ham said ... (10:57) : 

Nic - Isn't it just one of life's great tragedies that there will be no more Douglas Adams books?

Lynn - Why is it that I can hear Jules and Sandy ...."ooooo he is worthy"... when you say that?

And, for the record, some of the things Gill has done: organised a local "Music in the Park" event over many years, organised a local "car free day" several times, done all srts of stuff in the Library, managed the local LCC group, stayed with me when I got knocked down by the duck...


Blogger Lisi said ... (16:57) : 

Dear Ham, that's a great story...MBE for ordinary people, and salute to Gill!


Blogger lynn said ... (22:55) : 

I don't know, Ham. I'm sure i'm meant to remember something here re; Jules and Sandy but i can't. It's been a long, hard day lol jog my memory?


Blogger Ham said ... (23:06) : 

ooo she is bold! That Julian and Sandy. Or this page has scripts in, from which is this excerpt:

JULIAN: Here's the menu.

HORNE: Hmm. I see you've got lally of lamb on.

JULIAN: Yes, lamb's nice - or there's your jugged riah. That's palare for hare. We got it from our special charcuterie.

HORNE: Charcuterie - your butcher?

JULIAN: You think so? Must be the way I've had me hair done


Blogger lynn said ... (10:01) : 

lol sounds hilarious but unfortunately i must have missed it, being a tv child rather than a radio one. Still, i mean. lol.


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