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Sunday, July 01, 2007

A temple to Diana

Shot with Olympus E500
St Paul's Cathedral needs no introduction for itself. But here's a nice piece of London trivia: the site it is built on used to be a temple to Diana in Roman times. Did you think I was going to talk about any other Diana??

(BTW - if anyone in the states can tune in to an NBC program about "changing life in Britain" or some such, I make a cameo appearance near a Banksy - let me know if you see it, please)

See where: London Daily Photo Map

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Comments on "A temple to Diana"


Anonymous Helen said ... (12:04) : 

Congratulations on the start of a career as media star. Well deserved. :)


Blogger lynn said ... (12:11) : 

You ole film star you... gosh. Well done. HOpe you get someone to get it for you.
I was in an educational film every September in the early eighties. I'm very proud of it but...everyone else just laughs if they see it. ?? What's wrong with people? My Nana Mouskouri glasses were very fetching! ... at the time...


Anonymous Pedp said ... (13:39) : 

Great shot of a majestic building.


Anonymous NiC said ... (14:27) : 

Can I get your autograph please Mr. Ham (I knew him before he was famous, you know!).

Didn't know about the Diana thing...that's what we like about it here, always something to learn along with a nice picture.


Blogger Red Lippy said ... (21:12) : 

And yet officially they say the site has only been a religious one since 604AD, at least 300 years after the Romans decided to up and leave. Perhaps they only count Christianity as religion and not the Roman's system of belief and worship.


Anonymous Helen said ... (09:55) : 

There is now some evidence that the Romans may have been around in Londinium longer than previously assumed but also that Christian temples were built earlier. It's all to do with the work carried out on St Martin's in the Fields. That will be a great one to photograph when it finally emerges from its coverings.


Anonymous Nathalie in Sydney said ... (21:47) : 

Hmmm yes Ham I must confess I WAS thinking you were going to talk about another Diana!


Blogger Gail's Man said ... (22:15) : 

Good old St Paul's. Missed your theme day entry. something red. Obviously that would be a London Bus, or a fire engine.


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