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Monday, July 09, 2007

Through a glass darkly

When you see a building like this, with blocked up windows, you may not think twice. However, this is a visible remenant of one of the most bizzare taxes in history - the window tax. Introduced in 1696 and lasting through to 1851 this was a tax.... on windows. The more windows, the more you paid. It will come as no great surprise to learn that people in London often just bricked up their windows.

See where London Daily Photo Map

Head over to Onionbagblog if you'd like a report and pictures of the Tour de France and prologue. Regrettably, all my cameras remain mashed.

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Comments on "Through a glass darkly"


Anonymous Maja said ... (12:58) : 

Thank you, Ham, for solving that riddle for me at last. In fact, on our last visit to London, we had discussions at length, wondering what the point could be in bricking up your window.


Blogger Red Lippy said ... (15:30) : 

Wasn't there also a hearth tax so people bricked up chimenys? Though I definitely agree a window tax was plain idiotic...think how much they must have paid at Hardwick Hall!

So sorry about your cameras Ham, I hope that you're more than sort of OK and that you're back on 'yer bike' as soon as possible (in the nicest way of course!0


Blogger carl said ... (16:58) : 

The idea of counting windows to quickly judge the size of a house is not bizarre, number (and size ) of windows are good indicators, bizarre is tax our taxmen and politicians STILL seem unable tu anticipate how people will react to their half-baked ideas


Blogger lynn said ... (21:55) : 

This was to establish wealth wasn't it? i.e. more windows, bigger house, more money?

Very interesting anyway.


Anonymous imajoebob said ... (16:26) : 

Not quite as elegant a reaction as the Mansard roof.


Blogger Gail's Man said ... (23:46) : 

Imagine today how much the Government would rake in, with all these glass skyscrapers, concervatories that people have. I bet the tax on the 'Gerkin' could almost pay for the NHS!


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