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Monday, July 30, 2007

The waters are receding...

Shot with Olympus E500
Hoping to see a dove sometime soon.... Have you heard about the rain we've been having lately? You must click here if you want to read first hand accounts and pictures from one of the worst hit areas. This picure comes from the Bow Back Rivers, most of which area is closed off now until 2012.

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Blogger lynn said ... (23:42) : 

LOL great picture and i love your comment at my site! Thanks for the reference. To cap it all my car nearly blew up yesterday - rusting bits apparently due to flood damage; so no car now; it's a write off. Hey ho.


Anonymous NiC said ... (08:38) : 

Nice shot.


Blogger Michael said ... (09:01) : 

Great photo Ham with the link to the floods. Sorry to hear about your car Lynn. Must be a pain in the butt all of this! (to say the least)


Blogger lynn said ... (12:11) : 

Yes it certainly is Michael. Car is dated 2000 so they'll probably only write it off for sixpence. There'll be a photo at some point of the jalopy i eventually acquire. Luckily most of the reporting i'm doing happens to be in Tewkesbury due to the flood news so i can walk everywhere. 5 miles yesterday, more today. Feet sore. lol. Brace yourself in the near future for a shot of my hideously oversized calves. Ugh. Not something i look forward to. Wouldn't match my kitten heels at all for my airlift outfit. Eek; what to do?


Blogger Keropok Man said ... (16:59) : 

oh is that Noah's Ark? hehe...


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