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Monday, August 20, 2007

The Poster Painters of Mumbai

Shot with Olympus E500
Extreme poster painting. The programme billed the "Poster Painters of Mumbai", I just wasn't expecting it to be so entertaining. You can see the whole of the Trafalgar Square poster here. Seems that it is quite the norm for posters to be painted, still. Where's Rolf Harris when you need him?

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Blogger lynn said ... (00:46) : 

Painting them a lot smaller now and for a lot more dosh, that's where he is.

This is just great - i wish i'd seen them! What an art and a method. Can you see a hidden cat? ... nah i'm kidding this time. lol!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (08:21) : 

Wow, that's excellent.....I certainly always paint any poaters I come across ;)


Blogger Nic said ... (08:21) : 

Ooops...I'm not anonymous...I'm NiC!!!


Blogger Ham said ... (09:11) : 

.....and now its changed, NiC, nobody will know what you are talking about ;-)

Bit of a shame you turning out not to be Anonymous, he's really famous. Said a lot of clever things, too.


Blogger mvodak said ... (13:55) : 

lol. I thought this was taken somewhere in china or far east. so many painters... so cheerful :)


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