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Sunday, August 12, 2007

There's a clue here somewhere....

Thanks all, for the good wishes. I was advised not to have candles because of the health and safety risk. Instead, this seemed to be a good option. Definitely my kind of birthday celebration.

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Blogger Michael said ... (07:25) : 

Looks like just what the doctor ordered! How was your day? What did you do? Did you get any surprises? Do you remember anything? LOL


Blogger Lavenderlady said ... (07:44) : 

I think I'll go pour myself a glass and join you! Happy birthday.


Anonymous Charis said ... (11:18) : 

Has the brandy matured as well as you?


Blogger motherofthebride said ... (11:27) : 

Congratulations. So that makes you a little younger than Paul Merton and a little older than Donny Osmond?


Blogger Michael said ... (11:58) : 

I should hope he's older than Donny Osmond! Donny's still 16 isn't he? Now David Cassidy...that's feasible.


Blogger lynn said ... (14:37) : 

Hey Michael! What you saying against David Cassidy there? Why, i heard it all the way over in Cheltenham and just had to come to his defence. He still looks wonderful so there.

Happy Birthday Ham.


Blogger Michael said ... (14:41) : 

Nah, I just meant that Donny was younger than David wasn't he? David was my idol as a kid, so no beefs there.


Anonymous Pamela said ... (16:27) : 

Happy Birthday Ham. Looks like you were born in the same year as me. Definitely a good vintage! :)


Blogger marie6 said ... (19:13) : 

Happy birthday! I enjoyed going through your elephant site but I couldn't leave a comment there, so i'm writing here.


Blogger lynn said ... (23:18) : 

Ok so David's safe from criticism that's ok with me.


Blogger Kate said ... (03:02) : 

Ham, Happy, happy birthday, and I hope you celebrate for days rather than one little day. I think that I, too, will toast you with a bit of a nip of something or other.


Blogger Linda Ball said ... (00:04) : 

Just noticed this picture. Good celebration. It was my day, too. I had champagne, smoked salmon, cheese. Nothing with my birth year vintage, though.


Blogger Gail's Man said ... (23:13) : 

Only the one glass! Aren't we invited then? Belated birthday wishes.


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