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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Treatment Room (Part II)

Shot with Olympus E500
Following from yesterday, this picture is from when Baroness Von Reichardt invited me in to see the crowded glory that is their home, and this a small piece caught my eye. (not that the award winning pig bra didn't catch my eye).

So what is it that I liked so much? Well for starters most of the big name modern artists these days can best be described as up their own fundamental orifices: "Look at me, haven't I copulated a lot?" or "Look at me, here are my bodily fluids" or just "Look at me, I've found something different to call art". This art, here, reaches out - the more you look at it the more it pays you back. Words, images, icons are jumbled up in threads that imterweave. It might look different, but this is 15th Century Italy.

The images echo Lichtenstein and Warhol, Cornell and cartoons, and so much more, And always, always a dark undercurrent. If you like your art all pretty pictures, chances are you won't like this much. If you like chilli flavoured chocolate, you well might.

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Comments on "The Treatment Room (Part II)"


Blogger baroness said ... (02:28) : 

Hi Ham,

Again I love your piece,so glad you liked the house....I feel I should point out that the piece you have put up, the baby in a box was actually a xmas present from a good friend and one of the Treatment Rooms crew - Lady Lucinda Wild...she did infact use a baby mould of mine....we here in the Treatment Rooms like to think that 'plagarism is the highest form of art'. Anyway, I hope you will be able to swing by again after Sept 8th and view our finished 'Tiki Love Truck'...our loving tribute to death row inmate John Joe Amador. With thanks Baroness xxx


Blogger Kate said ... (03:04) : 

It's an image I'd like to see in person, too.


Blogger Michael said ... (06:13) : 

Thanks Ham for bringing this to us and to the Baroness for this awesome (what do I call it?) studio?


Anonymous NiC said ... (06:45) : 

WOw....thanks indeed Ham...both for the mosaic and this wonderful piece.


Anonymous NiC said ... (06:48) : 

..and much belated birfday greetings.....he says after catching up on the last few posts and it looks like my attempted reading of the blogger comment instructions in greek a few days back failed...:(

Hope you had a good one. :)


Blogger lynn said ... (12:01) : 

A veritable Aladdin's Cave! You lucky Ham you.


Blogger spaulo, brasil said ... (15:12) : 

nice blog!


Blogger Jilly said ... (16:24) : 

This is a fascinating discussion and set of photos. I'm drawn to today's but equally I know I couldn't live with it.


Blogger Jilly said ... (17:17) : 

Just saw it's your blog's birthday! Many congratulations and Happy birthday, Ham!


Blogger Michael said ... (17:33) : 

But Jilly fact it was Ham's birthday! His blog is MUCH younger...


Blogger lynn said ... (18:11) : 

Oh yes Jilly, Ham's ANCIENT.


Blogger Michael said ... (18:49) : 

Lynn, are you following me?


Blogger lynn said ... (22:19) : 

Certainly not!.............


Blogger Ham said ... (23:13) : 

Thanks, all, glad you enjoyed it - it is difficult to convey a sense of what's happening there.

Lynn, I'm Grade II listed.

And no, Michael, she is haunting you :-)


Blogger lynn said ... (23:40) : 

lol and... gosh.


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