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Monday, August 13, 2007

The Treatment Rooms

Shot with Olympus E500
A few days back, I caught an article in Londonist about the Treatment Rooms, and thought it was worth checking out.

I was right. It's more than just art, it's is an exuberance for life that just can't won't be held down. The Baroness Von Reichardt is responsible for the mosaics, and the graphic design is done by Mr Spunky. The house is just covered in mosaic.

I'm going to talk about the art a bit more tomorrow. In the meantime, if you read the Londonist article you can see the whole of the Luiz Ramirez mosaic and another piece of detail here.

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Comments on "The Treatment Rooms"


Blogger Strangetastes said ... (02:34) : 

Is this picture just a little self-censored, avoiding the naughty bits, as John Cleese and friends used to say? If you panned upward I'd expect to see an image of Josephine Baker (a native St. Louisan, by the way) in full regalia. Must have a look the next time I'm over your way, when the exchange rate is less dire.



Blogger Michael said ... (05:28) : 

Absolutely awesome Ham. The article helped a lot. Can't believe that would go down too well in Paris streets, but who knows. Love the colours in the other shots as well as yours. They alone make the art "fun".


Blogger baroness said ... (12:05) : 

Hi Ham,

Love what you wrote about us, never thought an old depressive like me would one day be described as having work that expressed an exuberance for life...shows what a bit of mosaicing and hanging out with death row inmates can do for a girl.

If possible could you change the link for the treatmentrooms to;

as my friends have got an website together for me...much thanks

can't wait to read more tommorrow, and thanks again for your interest in our little home...
love the BARONESS xxx


Blogger Ham said ... (13:05) : 

strangetastes - No, not censorship, just my take on how to make an image from a piece of art. Lots of places you can see general views of the mosaics.

Michael, glad you like it!

Baroness, very glad you like it, link changed (added, actually!)


Blogger lynn said ... (18:23) : 

What a very saucy mosaic! Very clever work, i like it.


Blogger Kim said ... (20:07) : 

Hey Ham,
Thanks for completing Eric's (in Paris) shot for us today! ;^)

This mosaic is fantastic. It's not only well constructed, but I love the style of the art. You are right when you say it has an exuberance for life. Kudos on a great shot, and to the Baroness and Mr. Spunky!
PS, belated Happy B-Day!


Blogger Michael said ... (23:16) : 

Ham - I just saw this CNN report on the silencing of Big Ben (at least temporarily). Very interesting indeed and gave me an idea for London Daily Photo. Don't you think you should climb up all those stairs and take a few shots for your loyal readers?


Blogger lynn said ... (11:59) : 

Personally Michael i think Ham should be absailing doing a bit of polishing while snapping for us.


Anonymous anja said ... (18:01) : 

Above all I like the piece of barones von Reichhart, a beautiful piece of mosaic. I've seen all her other work as well, and what strikes me most is the purpose behind the piece for Luiz Ramirez, drawing attention for death row prisoners! Keep it on! Anja


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