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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Where am I now?

Shot with Olympus E500
Competition time. This photo was taken in a place that most Londoners will pass at sometime or the other. Anyone could see this perspective but I suspect that few have added the necessary few steps to their journey. Any ideas, people? A London Daily Photo winner's postcard to the first to get it right. I'm feeling smug and confident about this one. I rather like the way it is reminiscent of a camera iris.

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Comments on "Where am I now?"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (04:20) : 

Having never seen it, I'm only guessing that it's the 'Fulcrum' sculpture at Liverpool Street Station. Artist Richard Serra.



Blogger Ham said ... (06:14) : 

Bernard, I do so love the "having never seen it" bit. You are 100% correct. How on earth did you do that??

I should have gone with my original thought and cropped in tighter on the pentagon, which is probably the stronger image, too. No, I thought, give 'em half a chance......

eMail me your address and the postcard will be on its way!


Blogger Ham said ... (06:20) : 

.... and here is what it looks like from the outside. Most people just rush by on their way into the station. It's really not crowded inside.


Blogger Michael said ... (06:52) : 

Ok, ok, a photo competition, so what?! There are many other more interesting things to talk about than this!

Such as....(you knew it was coming didn't you?!)...


Happy Birthday Ham! May it be full of surprises and minus nasty neighbors!


Blogger Ham said ... (07:48) : 

Why THANK YOU Michael. Why don't I sound sincere? And yes, it is an "ith" one.


Blogger Michael said ... (08:00) : 

I didn't want to give it away, but the 30th isn't so bad! (or at least I hear!)


Blogger Ham said ... (08:07) : 

30th? I'd love to say I remember it well, but I'd be lying.

You know, they say fame is just like Altzheimer's. Everywhere you go, everyone knows you, but you don't know them.


Blogger Michael said ... (08:12) : 

My mother used to say, "The best thing about Altzheimer's is that everything is new again!" She didn't have the awful disease, but tried to find the good in everything.

Now, who are you again?


Blogger GE said ... (08:58) : 

many happy returns!


Blogger lynn said ... (10:20) : 

Oooh Happy Birthday Ham!!! I do hope you have a really wonderful ith.

Where are you there? Within your own head on a night-before-birthday celebration by the looks of things...


Blogger Helen said ... (10:44) : 

Happy birthday, Ham. Who needs to remember past ones, anyway? They probably didn't happen.


Blogger Shek said ... (12:31) : 

great shot. I am jealous.


Blogger Mary deB said ... (12:41) : 

Happy Birthday!


Anonymous Mme Benaut said ... (16:02) : 

Happy Birthday Ham! (Inspector Rex tipped us off).


Blogger Tomate Farcie said ... (18:22) : 

OK, I came here for the cake, but where is it?!! Nevever mind, happy B'day Ham ! (Yeah, I know a little bit how you feel, I think I'm right behind you by a couple of years. You are turning 30, right? ;)


Blogger ~tanty~ said ... (18:39) : 

Happy birthday dear Ham!
Many happy returns!


Blogger Eric said ... (22:30) : 

Gee that many people wishing you a happy birthday, doesn't it make you feel older?


Blogger Ham said ... (08:16) : 

Thanks all - I suppose I should feel older, but I don't.

I did consider baking myself a gherkin-cake, especially since there would only be room for 1 candle at the top.


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