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Thursday, October 04, 2007

London's Morning - No.7

Shot with Olympus E510
Hope might be here, but not for everyone. While they are not as common in London as they once might have been, the embankment is still where you can find vagrants each night. Those who don't trust the hostels, those who choose not to receive the charity of strangers. Those who are fogotten. Sleep easy for a little while longer, you will be moved on soon.


A few days ago, I got up at five o'clock on Saturday morning to take photos of the London skyline as the sun came up. As I am on holiday for the next week, I thought I'd show them to you, a subtly different one each day.

The morning is a fantastic time in London, the day is fresh and full of hope. You watch the quality of light change by the second.

I hope you enjoy these pictures, don't forget as with any of them, you have to click to see the larger picture as intended. I may be able to log in, but I'll see you all later today.

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Comments on "London's Morning - No.7"


Blogger Michael said ... (05:25) : 

Actually Ham, had I not been looking at the sleeping person, I might have missed the iron "ends" of the bench which look intriguing.


Anonymous NiC said ... (08:08) : 

The motion blur on the blue van makes it look as though it is reversing at speed? Where you just at the entrance to the congestion charge zone?


Blogger lynn said ... (10:09) : 

Poor chap ... or lady. We don't know which. I feel for this person and wonder just how warm he/she was overnight? How safe? Is it safer outside of the hostel? I'd like to have left a steaming hot chocolate for him/her to wake up to.


Blogger Ham said ... (12:12) : 

Michael, funny you should mention that

Nic, it does look odd, doesn't it? I can't work out what's going on even on the full size image. It's not camera shake (even though its 1/10 sec handheld)

Lynn, that's a sweet sentiment, and there's a very bad joke somewhere about hot steaming chocolate


Blogger lynn said ... (15:07) : 

lol oh dear


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