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Saturday, November 29, 2008

We are three

Three years, more than 1100 photos, more than 500,000 visitors. 25 Elephants. Wow.

It was this day three years ago when I poked my head out of my door and took a picture of my street with a somewhat archaic digicam. That was the start of my London journey, a journey about London, not about the photos. It was my hope at the time that I'd be able to add to the sum total of good stuff about, and I'd like to think I have done so - at least in a small way. If nothing else, at least I've been consistent.

My thanks to all of you out there, it's a two way thing. It's my job to put a daily photo on this site - it's yours to look at it. That's it.

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Blogger gigi said ... (03:00) : 

Loved the blog. Just to think in 3 years so much has been done, it only makes u imagine about the photgrafic virtual future of the blog!


Blogger Ryan said ... (18:50) : 

Congratulations! I really enjoy your blog, and am glad to see the new photos and stories each day. Thanks so much.

Ryan (from Portland, Oregon)


Blogger Kim said ... (19:14) : 

Such a modest man, Ham. LDP is not just three, LDP has been our companion for 1095 days of our mutual lives. We've been through a lot with you, and you have added immensely to our community of blogging friends around the globe. You literally taught me how to start blogging! Your thoughtful, beautiful photos inspired so many of us to get out there and try different cameras and ways to shoot things and how to create a series, how to draw readers/viewers in. Best of all, I've never yet been to London, but I have "seen" so many aspects of the real London, that I don't feel like a stranger.

A big salute to you and London Daily Photo today. You did it, and that in itself is an admirable thing. Maybe only Eric would get fully what you've accomplished in that consistency. I know what a boat load of work it has been. You've always so readily and cheerful helped so many of us along the way in whatever way you could. Answering questions, helping with techie problems, creating that first webring tool, contributing so much via the forum. Thanks for that. Here's to the next year of discovery! I hope you have fun with it. Best to you,
Seattle Daily Photo


Blogger Kim said ... (19:15) : 

PS, love the Milne quote for your title!


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