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Saturday, January 03, 2009

London End

Shot with Olympus E520
Part of London's contribution to the New Year's Day Parade. Most of the offerings from London were unbelievably dire. This example was among the best. And - while I recognise the effort that went into creating it - our locally provided entertainment was shambolically amateur, especially when compared to the slick US bands.

Let's take a moment to consider the phenomenon. The US seem to be able to interest hundreds of teenagers in the activity sufficiently for them to put the effort into learning and practising their instruments and roles. That doesn't come easy - in the UK it is only the military cadets that seem to show that kind of dedication. I wonder why that is, and if we could possibly learn a lesson from it?

The title of this post echoes the title of 2nd volume of The Image Men, by JB Priestly - a work that presages the arrival of Peter Mandelson 30 years before the term "Spin Doctor" was coined, I recommend it to the house.

Final post looking at the photographic possibilities of the parade tomorrow, in the meantime, there are nearly 40 short video clips of the parade here.

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Blogger Pamela Heywood said ... (02:44) : 

I noticed the same phenomenon in Spain, Ham. This was the level of infant schools in impoverished rural areas, but for any carnaval parades, etc., the standards were like those in the US and better. But even outlying districts with only 5-6,000 inhabitants in the north of Tenerife could muster a good town band and with strong interest from kids and teens, all playing at very high standards and even turning out for events like giving free concerts on Christmas Day. It always made me think, you'd never see this in the UK.


Anonymous Gert said ... (15:56) : 

Maybe it's because in the USA, musical and dance education is geared towards marching bands and cheer leading, whereas in the UK, brass bands tend to be static and musical education in schools is geared towards orchestral playing and other things.

I can't imagine why little girls would want to learn cheerleading if they have a chance to learn ballet tap and modern, which I think is the standard for dance classes.

Yeah, it might parades a bit lame, but overall, I think I prefer ours - while recognising it's patchy and virtually non-existent in many places.


Anonymous mulberry outlet said ... (13:53) : 

Any chance next year we get a photo from the inside of the race Ham?!

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