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Sunday, March 01, 2009

March City Daily Photo Theme Day - Glass

Shot with Olympus E520
So the theme for the worldwide City Daily Photo for March is "Glass", And I've taken a picture, not only of an obviously plastic bottle, but one that has apparently nothing to do with London, what gives?

But you see, this IS London, and in London we speak Cockney rhyming slang. That's where you say the first word of a pair, to indicate the other word, and so by rhyme the real word. Easier with an example. You hear someone say: "I'm going up the apples": apples is the first half of "apples and pears" and it means stairs. "I'd better go home to the trouble" - Trouble, trouble & strife, wife. Easy really.

It started as a way for east end market traders talking to each other so that the customers couldn't understand.

And "bottle" is one of the more well known cockney rhyming slang words, as in: "Get your bottle over here" And the meaning? bottle & glass, arse.

So really, this is the most London way I could think of to interpret the theme. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants. You'll probably get to see a lot more real glass.

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Comments on "March City Daily Photo Theme Day - Glass"


Blogger Denton said ... (03:28) : 

Hi Ham ... yours is the best explanation of a theme choice so far ... Wonderful tie to London ... Happy theme day.


Blogger Champ Townboy said ... (03:36) : 

What a riot! Love it.


Blogger Clueless in boston said ... (17:05) : 

I don't think I could ever get the London rhyming slang. Apples and Pears??? Never heard that, we say apples and oranges:) Anyway, I enjoyed reading your post. Great choice for theme day!


Blogger Kate said ... (03:17) : 

A very novel way to interpret the theme!


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