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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

All the East End's History in One Photo

Shot with Olympus E520
Set in Cannon Street Road, a name lost in the mists of time. Possibly a Huguenot house (just round hte corner from Fournier Street. Raines Boys School. A garment factory. The site of Rog's Delicatessen (closed just before the Internet) - one of the last delis in London to have barrels of salt herrings and the like. Halal food and a Cash & Carry. An Internet Cafe. Flats.

This photo is just what London Daily Photo is all about. However, after four years, I have arrived at an awkward decision. Work has unexpectedly taken me abroad, and is likely to keep me there most of the time over the next few months. When I get back to London, I do not expect to have much time to take photos. So, what do I do? The options appear to be: 1) Stop. 2) Continue irregularly. I don't much like that, I hope part of the appeal of my site is that there has always been something new each day. 3) Post old photos again. I don't much like that, either. 4) Post meaningless pictures just for the sake of it. Don't like that either.

So, I have photos for the next few days - but what do you think I should do after that? What would you do? As you can see, I'm leaning towards stopping.

(oh, and sorry if you visited when there was no photo showing - not deliberate!!)

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Comments on "All the East End's History in One Photo"


Anonymous Luis Guijarro said ... (17:21) : 

Hello Ham, I vote for option 2) Continue irregularly as I´ve been following your blog for almost 2 years now and though one of the things I like the most is regularity. I suggest (and hope) you will keep posting and then come back normally when possible.

I lived in London for a while and come back every time I have time & money, and I enjoy taking notes to some of the places you post that are new to me and visit them.


Blogger Simon said ... (19:34) : 

In all seriousness, I think there's an option you've not considered - open the blog to guest contributors. Ask members to e-mail you with a high-resolution photo and accompanying background text, then choose the best and upload them from your new location. The blog gets good quality daily updates without you needing to be in London, and some of your long-term readers get an opportunity to put something back.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (18:56) : 

Please, please continue with some kind of pictures, even if they are old! I found your site about a year ago after visiting your wonderful country and falling in love with it. I'm from the United States and hope to return sometime. In the meantime, I check your site every day and I love seeing your pictures and reading the descriptions.


Blogger Marie said ... (14:48) : 

I would be very disappointed not to see your pictures anymore... I used to live in London and everytime i see your photos, I want to go back, thinking "I missed so many nice places!"
Maybe option 2 is the best. Even if don't get my "daily drug", I would still be happy to see a picture and read your comments from time to time. Maybe change the name of the blog for London Monthly Photo ;-)
Simon's idea could be an option too while you're away!
All the best...


Blogger Ryan said ... (10:20) : 

Ham, I hope you don't stop posting your photos. I read your posts regularly from the USA (Oregon, to be precise), and while I've been to London more than once, I learn something new with each post. I hope you continue. However, if you feel you can no longer continue, I'd like to thank you for all the photos and stories.


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