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Thursday, August 26, 2010

My London Workplaces - No 2

Shot with Olympus E620
A series of photos from the places I have worked over the years, allowing me to reminisce and chart the changes to London over the years.

I suppose the biggest difference between then and now was that all you used to have to do to get a job was to rock up to an employment agency (of which there were hundreds) and say "Gi'us a job". I spent a while doing that : small jobs for about £20 - £30 a week, staying for a while then moving on. This job was as a warehouse clerk at Rose & Hubble of Worship Street in the City, a wholesaler of a fantastic range of fabrics. They are still about, but I doubt that most of their fabrics are still made in the UK. My memories? Climbing on top of the racks of fabric to have a crafty snooze, playing cards during lunchtime with Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon in the background, and dubious substances in the air. Hard to imagine a warehouse in this prime office territory, now.

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