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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Poor Value

Despite the fact that Prisiclla was low on my list of shows to visit, I ended up going there as being the best option for all in the group. So I queued at the ticket booth in the morning and got tickets with £20 off the £70 price. And I have to say, the quality of seats in the Palace Theatre for that money is absolutely appalling. I'm average height but, as you can see, there is just no room. There is less than no room because, even sitting back as far as possible both knees are jammed solid against the seat in front. And, for some reason they have included those dreadful binoculars even though the seats are only 11 rows from the front. I was almost inclined to pay the £1 for the glasses just to get a bit more room, but I suspect this would have been illusory. I am sorry, but this sort of arrangement really stinks and should earn the theatre a deservedly bad reputation. I would not go there again, unless I really had to.

The show? Everything I expected: a professionally staged nonentity of a musical, reasonably entertaining.

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