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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The View From The Wild West

This view is from the A40 (the Westway) headed into London, taken by me on the way home from work. Fairly drab, but a little exciting to me, anyway, as today is the first time I have cycled into work for months. My various bits that are sub-par did mention that they weren't too enamoured with the 17 miles each way (my journey is now 8 miles shorter!), but I didn't take much notice.

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Comments on "The View From The Wild West"


Blogger Steve A said ... (02:29) : 

Does that round blue sign mean that people are supposed to ride tandem bikes or that bikes are allowed to run over people or that you are supposed to get off the bike and walk along with it?


Blogger cara said ... (05:57) : 

I admire your skill/bravery/faith cycling all that way contending with all that traffic.


Blogger Oakland Daily Photo said ... (06:49) : 

Color me impressed. 17 miles one way is a lot of biking. Tip of the hat to you.


Blogger Helen said ... (11:50) : 

Congratulations but be careful with the sub-par bits.


Blogger Halcyon said ... (13:29) : 

You must be brave!


Blogger Ham said ... (20:53) : 

Steve, the sign means that you have to jump over any pedestrians you encounter, I would have thought that was self evident.

For all the people that think cycling is dangerous, my message is that it is as dangerous as you make it. Sure, you are closer to the cars than you are on the pavement, but it is not unheard of for cars to plough into pedestrians (in fact, more are killed each year than cyclists). For the rest of it, your destiny is in your own hands. My motto is, "Try never to be where the accident is going to happen". Of course, it is the fastest way to travel.


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