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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Last Tuesday Society

The answer to yesterday's question is the Last Tuesday Society, more than just a shop, it is a fascinating recreating of the spirit of establishments you would have though disappeared more than fifty years ago. In the words of their website:
The Shop is perhaps best seen as an attempt to recreate or reinterpret, within 21st century sensibilities, a 17th century Wunderkabinett; a collection of objects assembled at a whim on the basis of their aesthetic or historical appeal. There is no attempt at creating or explaining, meta-narratives or educating anyone. It is merely a display of Naturalia and Artificialia designed to give pleasure to the creators of the Museum, who hope that you too will enjoy it.
Some will doubtless be gratefull I chose not to illustrate this with a photo of a stuffed kitten.

Holiday time again, so blog is set to autopilot, see you all in August sometime.

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