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Monday, September 19, 2011

Veni. Vidi.

I got bored and went home. Westfield, Stratford. It's just shops. Shops, shops and more shops. Shops like you can see anywhere in the world. Under a roof without weather. Why on earth are people excited about it? Sure, it's a good thing for East London - everyone else has these shops, why shouldn't we - but there's nothing new here.

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Blogger Jimmy said ... (15:44) : 

Same here, it's getting quite full of shops. And most of them close after a month or two. Too many shops, too few consumers. :)

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (20:55) : 

Veni, vidi, which way to the exit?

That works better if your high school Latin teacher taught the Classical pronunciation of W for V.


Blogger Michael Lockridge said ... (23:33) : 

Sad to see that the blanding of America is becoming the blanding of the world. When we have malls in Antarctica we shall know that the end is near.

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Anonymous AnKa said ... (00:48) : 

You're right, it's just the well-known chains for more shopping madness, but I do like that there are some good quality shops nearby now - and a bookshop soon. I also like your photo.


Blogger Mary deB said ... (15:37) : 

I'm all lost in the supermarket, can no longer shop happily...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (21:29) : 

I agree with you but I can see how it would be good for some people. Mums with small kids would probably like it as you can stay out of the rain or cold.


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