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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Remeber, Remeber Remember, Remember....

The fifth of November, with gunpowder, treason & plot. As skies light up across London, the treason of Guy Fawkes is well remembered for trying to blow up Parliament. What is less well remembered is the reason for it - it really was no fun being a Catholic in England back then (in the late 16th Century). For many years bonfire night was celebrated by burning an effigy of the Pope, not certain when that turned into the more politically correct guy.

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Blogger Niko Karumaa (myHELSINKIcity - Photos from the northern capital) said ... (00:43) : 

Perfect timing! Photos from fireworks are always nice...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (15:10) : 

Remeber, remeber?

The spell checker has definitely been overlooked!


Blogger Ham said ... (16:36) : 

{shamefaced smiley}


Blogger me said ... (19:16) : 

What the Fawke :) SO ya, I am trying to think of the American equivalent.
Interesting however that it has become a celebration!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (21:41) : 

I tend to believe the same people who think bowing up everything in site to "commemorate" the foiling of the gunpowder plot are also responsible for burning Fawkes in effigy - who according to one "official" history at some forgotten historical site, "confessed" to the larger plot after just 4 days of torture (and was continued to be tortured until his execution).

Gotta love all the Fawkes masks at the Occupy protests, even in London. I know it's really from the movie "V," but the revival of Fawkes as an heroic figure just makes the whole mess at St Paul's more enjoyable.


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