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Monday, November 14, 2011


This week there will be a mini-theme of remembrance, I'm starting off with where I was at 11:00 on Sunday - just by Bow Flyover. This (top) is where, on Friday afternoon, a 30 year old woman died under the wheels of a lorry. The second (bottom) is where three weeks ago 58 year old father of three died, under the wheels of a lorry. TfL have said sorry, so that's OK then. It appears that it is all too difficult to make things safer for pedestrians and cyclists at this roundabout because it might hold traffic up for a few seconds.

This is what happens when you have a mayor in thrall to big business and the charms of the consumerist society. Remember .... remember.

In case you are wondering, the bottom shot does include two numpties who found themselves incapable of driving around the roundabout without running into each other. One of the parties is more at fault, but I'm just glad there wasn't a cyclist involved....

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Comments on "Remember"


Anonymous Mo said ... (15:52) : 

There has been too many cyclists killed by lorries recently.


Anonymous CornishCockney said ... (17:10) : 

So sad. How many more, before they do something about this part of CS2?


Blogger Mary deB said ... (12:20) : 

Nice that there is a sign in the bottom photo of where to go to get your Mojo. Maybe a bit of driving mojo would help there.

Cyclist killed in Toronto just recently, too, I am sorry to say.


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