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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hobgoblin Music

One of the places to go in London, and therefore in all probability the world, for acoustic and folk instruments is Hobgoblin Music in Rathbone Place. If you think that's a bold claim, do you know anywhere else you can buy a portable didgeridoo?

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Blogger Mozette said ... (01:02) : 

A portable didgeridoo, you ask? Well, anywhere in Australia. If you can play it, it'll be sold to you. I bought one at a market in Kuranda in Far North Queensland and still have it. It's about 2ft long and the man who made it told me he wouldn't sell me the instrument unless I played it in front of him; so I did. He was extremely impressed - however my secret is that I'm a flautist too, so I have the muscles around my mouth already toned up for another instrument to be able to play pretty much any woodwind.

I was around 20 at the time I bought my didgeridoo; and still have it with me. Actually it's leaning against my wardrobe behind me in my home office. A nice piece if I do say so. :)


Blogger Krokofanten said ... (05:34) : 

Portable digeridoo? I thought they were all portable?! :o)


Anonymous Anne said ... (05:35) : 

Surely all didgeridoos are portable.


Blogger Mozette said ... (11:54) : 

Some can get really big and long... while others are quite small and can make a nice sound.

Mainly they are a male orientated instrument(only to be played by men) and are believed to be played by women if they are looking to be in the family way as it's a fertility instrument.

However, depending on where you purchase yours in Australia - and from which tribe - you are told different things. But I was permitted to play mine by a man who sold me mine in Kuranda... but when I came home to Brisbane, I wasn't allowed to due to the customs down here. It's just how it is.


Anonymous Dave Williams of Hyde, Cheshire said ... (16:23) : 

I suppose 'portable' is actually the wrong term here. It should probably be 'travelling' as in 'travelling chess set' which you can carry around with you and use on a train, for instance. Probably wouldn't be a good idea to use a portable (or travelling) didgeridoo on a train though..............


Blogger Ham said ... (20:36) : 

Mozette has the right of it, it's the sort of digeridoo that you could take through an airport


Blogger Jedediah said ... (09:00) : 

You have no idea how much trouble I went through to get a banjo and here you show me a shop who has a gorgeous selection. Together with the gaming shop, that would be worth the flight to London alone.


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