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Monday, January 16, 2012

Show us yer boat

Alongside the bike show (and included in the price, £0 in my case) was the boat show. Perhaps someone can explain to me, why??? and then maybe, how??? In this vast arena were hundreds of vessels - very, very many with price tags that would make you wince. I can understand anyone sailing, and some were clearly aimed at that sector. The real money were the ship equivalent of wearing an overly expensive watch. It performs exactly the same function as a £5 watch, but lets people know you can spend £75,000 instead (or more. All those people. Where DOES all that money come from, in this "recession"?

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Comments on "Show us yer boat"


Blogger PerthDailyPhoto said ... (01:30) : 

I'm with you Ham, IF I had 75,000 to spend, it certainly wouldn't be on a boat!!


Blogger smudgeon said ... (05:01) : 

A friend of mine once said that owning a yacht is like ripping up $100 bills while having a cold shower. Not for me!


Blogger Wayne said ... (17:26) : 

Like other port cities, we have billions of dollars worth of boats tied up in an increasing number of marinas. Most don't seem to move 50 weeks of the year.


Anonymous CornishCockney said ... (17:41) : 

We have the same thing where I live with RVs (motor homes). Costs $$$ and are never taken out of the driveway! What's the point!


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