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Monday, February 06, 2012

'Sno Fun

London is currently in the grip of the elements. Well, we've had a few inches of snow, so everything grinds to a halt. You can still have some fun, though.

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Blogger Mar (aka mar annabelle jacob) said ... (00:42) : 

I am sooo Envious

Have fun!!



Blogger Mozette said ... (01:09) : 

Ooooh, and here in Australia, we've got heat of 32 degrees Celsius along the coast and flooding inland where towns such as Chinchilla, Roma and St George are underwater... dreadful.

I'd take snow any day of the week right now. :)


Blogger RedPat said ... (01:43) : 

It sure doesn't look like England!


Blogger Steve A said ... (01:49) : 

Our last snow in North Texas was a year ago this week.


Anonymous imajoebob said ... (05:00) : 

Based on last year's karmic beat-down: I hope you're coping well and able to enjoy it with as little disruption as possible.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (05:18) : 

anybody remember the winter of 1962 ???


Blogger PerthDailyPhoto said ... (07:45) : 

Looks great fun Ham, enjoy it before it's gone!!


Anonymous Dave Williams of Hyde, Cheshire said ... (16:20) : 

Yes, Anonymous, I remember the winter of 1962-63 when there was virtually no league football during January and February. Not a great deal of snow, but a freeze which lasted from the first week in January till early March - no under-pitch heating in those days.


Anonymous CornishCockney said ... (16:41) : 

LOL It always makes my laugh when England grinds to a halt at the first sign of snow.
My kids can't wait to move back to the UK to start having snow days! Where we currently are in the Rocky Mountains they never shut the schools for "a bit of snow", or for a lot of snow for that matter!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:12) : 

How lucky. I've seen snow only in pictures... how beautiful it looks!


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