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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Votive Offering - Siobhan Benita for Mayor

How would you describe the commitment needed to put yourself forward as an independent candidate for the Mayor of London? I don't know about you, but I would have great difficulty putting either of the main party candidates down as a first preference. Whichever I'd choose (OK, here's a secret, it wouldn't be Boris) there's far too much baggage with each for comfort.

When I came across Siobhan Benita's campaign for the post, I was pleasantly surprised. Her policies are realistic and probably achievable, she appears to have no particular minority drum to beat, all in all she seems credible. Resigning her job to take up the challenge is true London spirit, even though logic says she doesn't stand a cat's chance against the main party machines. If she gets enough votes, what she says WILL make a difference to the other candidates, too. I'd love to share in the dream that she might just win....

I'll be featuring more about her, her ideas and campaign over the coming weeks, if I get the chance. In the meantime, if this appeals to you, she now needs signatories to get past the next stage of qualifying, and you can help. Go to her website, click on "Get Involved", the next page asks for your eMail, enter it in and click through to the next page, you will get the opportunity to add yourself as a signatory and, optionally, to add yourself to the mailing list. Go on, you know it makes sense.

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Comments on "Votive Offering - Siobhan Benita for Mayor"


Anonymous imajoebob said ... (01:29) : 

Is she more an "Ordinary Londoner" or extraordinary?


Blogger cara said ... (12:10) : 

Come on Imajoebob - you know that none of the Ordinary Londoners are ordinary.


Blogger Helen said ... (13:39) : 

She is, however, considerably more photogenic than any of the other candidates, male or female.


Blogger Ham said ... (13:42) : 

Well, you can expect some more photos and posts over the next few months. She's got a real uphill struggle ahead, I'd like ot do what I can to help.


Blogger Ham said ... (13:44) : 

Oh, and I forgot to mention, for those that didn't recognise it, a votive offering is something that is given without any expectation that it will come back, most famously objects left in tombs.


Anonymous Jillian Mitchell said ... (14:09) : 

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Blogger Paul @ Leeds Daily Photo said ... (14:46) : 

Helen is right Siobhan is much better looking than Boris. I would be happy to vote for her but sadly living in the far North here in Yorkshire I do not get a vote.


Blogger Jane Hards said ... (21:42) : 

Interesting post. The other half will probably already know about her re his Political Cartooning. She is certainly the prettiest candidate, and from what you've imparted to your readers the smartest. Be watching with interest how she fairs.


Anonymous Gunn said ... (07:22) : 

Well, she might be very good, and perhaps better than the other candidates. I guess most people here in Norway, have never heard about her. But she would have been perfect to have an interview with in several magazines and newspapers...... We have had so much about the Iron lady, and the male politicians who all have been going to "the right schools" or have the right background. We have a female mayor in Stavanger now.
Of course Stavanger is just a village compared to LONDON...... but I think her program, her knowledge and her spirit will be good for the people!!


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