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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hello Blossom

It's been two weeks since blossom seemed to appear overnight in London, here's a tree in Holland Park Avenue on my way home. Not the best photo, but it will give me an excuse to take another soon. Seeing blossom on the trees always cheers me up immeasurably. Now here's a question, do other languages use words like "blossom", "flower" and "petal" as diminutives or terms of affection?

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Comments on "Hello Blossom"


Anonymous imajoebob said ... (03:53) : 

Does mon petit chou count?


Blogger Ham said ... (08:28) : 

If you are a cabbage patch doll, almost certainly.


Blogger Steve A said ... (10:51) : 

What a coincidence. You lot in England use the same words for this as us Americans!


Blogger KrankyOldMan said ... (15:21) : 

Interestingly I was just about to say not in America ... although I have heard Blossom used as a girls name I've never heard any of them used as terms of affection. Similarly, when I first moved here from England many years ago, people used to remark that I called people 'sunshine' and thought it was funny/cute.


Anonymous vanessa said ... (17:34) : 

Here in Brasil, we use the word Flower (we say FLOR in portuguese) with loved ones (women mostly!)


Blogger Jedediah said ... (20:52) : 

German doesn't have those particular terms of affection. We tend towards animals (mouse, hare, (little) bear ect.).


Blogger Luis said ... (13:02) : 

In Spain we also use Flor (flower) as a compliment for women. It can actually be also a woman's name.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (23:25) : 

In Russian same as in German - it's all about animals. Although I can say there is a partular type of flower that can be used as a term of endearment..


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