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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Up on the roof

While we're looking up in the air, it is worth pointing out the roof of Covent Garden, which has this charming statue of a half-nekkid girl, cornucopia and cherub where nobody will normally see it. I think it dates back to its tiem as a vegetable market, but I wouldn't swear to that.

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Blogger Chrissy Brand said ... (09:39) : 

Lovely shot, not everyone looks up there. Yes, it does fo back to the days of the Covent Garden vegetable market there. I used to work nearby at the BBC World Service and look up at it in my lunch hour ;-)

Chrissy from Manchester: a photo a day at Mancunian Wave


Blogger IleDuLevant said ... (11:58) : 

Since we are discussing Covent Garden and vegetable markets, here's an obscure fact I carry around with me with little opportunity to share. You will now find the old portico of Covent Garden's Royal Opera House forming part of Borough Market – painted silver purely because the Borough Market director (ex-Navy) has a fascination for ship engines.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (20:17) : 

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Anonymous Tisa See said ... (18:14) : 

The Covent Garden's roof is made of glass and iron. If I'm not mistaken, it was designed by Architect Charles Fowler. Charles Fowler's classic architectural design, though a bit outdated, is still beautiful and it’s influence felt even up to this day and age.


Blogger Sierra said ... (19:22) : 

Aaaah, the Covent Garden! I’ve been there last year. It used to be a fruit and veggie market, but now it’s a tourist and shopping site. I think the view from below through its skylight-like roof is fantastic. It was very relaxing to roam around the shops.

Sierra Nordgren


Anonymous Lino Kosters said ... (14:39) : 

I’ve been to London, but I didn’t see that one while I was in Covent Garden. I’ve been thinking if it’s safely installed on top of that roof. That statue seems heavy. It’s true, that only few people can notice it. By the way, nice shot! Are you a photographer?


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