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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Westminster Cathedral

Many think that Westminster Abbey (in yesterday's photo) is Westminster Cathedral, but it isn't. The Cathedral is a little down the road, just here. The Abbey dates back one way or the other to 1042, this Cathedral to 1895. I confess I can't think of Westminster Cathedral without thinking of the tune Winchester Cathedral (watch the video for some interesting "digital" effects to his voice). Of course, the Cathedral is more properly famous for the choir and various other God stuff.

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Blogger Helen said ... (11:26) : 

And for looking like a Fairisle jumper, though Keble College in Oxford does so even more.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (19:22) : 

What's nice is you can take an elevator straight to the top. But first, watch Hitchcock's "Foreign Correspondent". A pivotal scene takes place in the tower. Aieeeeeeee!


Anonymous imajoebob said ... (03:26) : 

Another important difference is that the Cathedral is Roman Catholic and Abbey C of E. This means the Abbey gets (scads of) tax support, but still charges an obscene £13 admission tariff (as does St Paul's - but Southwark is a "bargain" at $4). Everyone is welcome to Westminster Cathedral free of charge (though there is a fee to go up the tower). The same is true of every other RC church in London, including Ethrlreda (my favourite) and the Brompton Oratory.


Blogger cara said ... (00:43) : 

I can't believe I have never seen this building before. I'm supposed to be a Londoner. Shame on me.

It's a beauty.


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