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Friday, September 28, 2012

Strike a Light

These arms are for the Chandlers Livery Company, the candlemakers, their motto "Truth is Light". Above the arms you can see the beehive motif, beeswax was used for the best (and most expensive candles), the poor had to make do with tallow, which was animal fat.

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Anonymous imajoebob said ... (00:18) : 

Why are they a "Livery?' Did they provide horses (unicorns?) or make uniform insignias before they made candles? Or is there another even more archaic meaning I'm not aware of? (Well, that tallow had to come from somewhere...)


Blogger Ham said ... (08:05) : 

"The term 'Livery' originated in the specific form of dress worn to retainers of a nobleman and then by extension to special dress to denote status of belonging to a trade. When a Freeman becomes a Liveryman the candidate is said to be 'enclothed', indeed a 'Livery Gown' is placed on them at the Court and they are seen at the next formal or social occasion wearing it. Thereafter only the Master, Wardens and Assistants in Companies are seen wearing these at Company events. The Masters wear them at the City's formal events, e.g. the two Common Halls and the United Guilds Service, and Lord Mayor's Show, wherever they may participate. Ordinarily Liverymen wear ties at formal functions and each Company differs by allowing ladies to wear distinct items subject to occasion, such as a scarf or brooch."

More information from the City of London here:


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:42) : 

simply dropping by to say hey


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