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Monday, October 08, 2012

A Clever Street Thief

Mary Ann Travers, 26, a clever street thief, 5' 2 1/2", Brown hair, brown eyes and a fresh complexion. Imprisoned for 3 months, discharged in July 1870.

From the streets of London, 130 years ago. These police records and photographs of faces straight out of Dickensian London, with their brief description, was one of the most fascinating exhibits in the City Police Museum. I've put the photos I took of some of the others into a Rogues Gallery

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Anonymous CornishCockney said ... (13:19) : 

Fascinating. Wonder if she was a thief in Clever St, or a clever street theirf? One of the others in the gallery was an Old Street thief which makes me think Mary Ann was the former rather than being particularly adept at her crime!!

Weren't people smaller back then!


Blogger Ham said ... (13:29) : 

I think you might find he was 24 years old, street thief ;-)

There is so much information in these photos, from the clothes and the appearance to the specialisation of their crimes - a watch thief?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (15:25) : 

This is so cool. It's amazing when you think about how much things have advanced since then. On another note, CornishCockney's point is an interesting one, it reminds me of something I once read about the writer George Bernard Shaw who hated apostrophes and thought they were unnecessary additions to most words. On first look at this photo you really would think it meant she was clever when it came to thieving, but it probably did mean the actual street. Anyway, I was actually interested as to where this museum is as I'm staying in anapartment in London Bridge for a few weeks but don't really know the city. Is it anywhere near? I'm from the sticks so my city orientation is terrible! Thanks for sharing!


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