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Saturday, October 20, 2012

St John's Gate

St John's Gate that you see here is largely what was rebuilt byt he Victorians, but some of the original building remains from 1500. Built as a priory for the Knights Hospitaller it has a fascinating and varied history, including being used by Wm Hogarth's dad as a tea house..... where everyone had to speak in Latin. Apparently, it didn't last long, I can't think why.

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Blogger Paulo Rafael said ... (01:56) : 

Nice shot.


Blogger Catherine West said ... (18:03) : 

Yes Paulo and so characterisitc of the repsect for history of the world which ONLY GB supports, though I expect you have the "socialist-collective,mass people-SECULAR - completely absent God's Laws And Morality, we here, especially in the State of California, are experiencing.

Latin Is Not A Dead Language --- that wouldn't be possible, else most of the words, especially of forms of life as anatomy, physiology, neurology, chemistry couldn't be spoken, nor the logic that connects the relationships!!

Hi, from Escondido, California


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