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Monday, December 24, 2012

London's Alleys

Despite it being many years since it ceased to be that common, I still associate alleys with London, like this one here by the side of the Sun tavern in Long Acre, Covent Garden.

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Blogger Petrea Burchard said ... (04:59) : 

Are those beer steins I see on the left? That's a nice alley.


Anonymous CornishCockney said ... (11:41) : 

There are some excellent alleys in London still. Perhaps you could do a feature?


Blogger Steve A said ... (17:36) : 

I imagine that red phone booths are disappearing nearly as quickly!


Blogger tapirgal said ... (05:27) : 

Quintessential old London....


Blogger cannopa said ... (20:52) : 

I think you'll find most red phone boxes now have a sign inside saying they're listed buildings! In more rural area's BT ( the telephone company that own the boxes) are encouraging the local community to adopt them.
For the phone box geeks, this is an earlier, and rarer, K2 style distinguished by the 3x6 panes of glass in the door. The more common one is a K6. :)


Blogger cannopa said ... (21:09) : 

@Petrea. The glasses on the left are one pint beer glasses, known as "straight" glasses. As opposed to "jugs" which are shorter, thicker glass and have handles. Occasionally these days if you ask for a "bitter" the batman might ask you if you want your beer in a straight or a jug. Largers are nearly always servers in a straight glass often in glasses branded for the larger you have chosen, hence the different shapes in the photo.


Blogger Petrea Burchard said ... (23:06) : 

Good info, cannopa, thank you. I especially love learning about the phone booths. One of the small shopping courts in Pasadena has a couple of these. I wonder if they're authentic.


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