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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Nearly beyond belief

I ventured inside the "M&M World" in Leicester Square. The only thing missing is one of these substandard confectionery items on Big Brother. Am I missing something here? How in seven shades of commercialism have they got away with this, and how can they continue to do so? Oh well.

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Comments on "Nearly beyond belief"


Blogger Kay said ... (17:37) : 

We didn't stay in there long and didn't buy anything either. It was so crowded!


Anonymous imajoebob said ... (22:12) : 

You're peeved because something at Leicester Square is so commercial?


Blogger Petrea Burchard said ... (04:29) : 

I can't quite figure out what it is, or why anyone would want it.


Blogger Ham said ... (09:34) : 

Not peeved, just amazed that they have been able to get away with a theme of a fairly ordinary confection and content that is frankly, thin.

I'm not against commercialisation per se, but when I buy something I would like to think I get value for it. Apparently, what you get here is a confection that you can buy in any corner store for about 2 - 3 x the normal price. The London theme is a very thin veneer.


Anonymous Sue, Lansdale PA USA said ... (14:17) : 

"Sub-standard confectionary items" ?? Them's fightin' words! True, they're readily available by any cash register, from sandwich shops to gas stations, but I still love them. Loved them since I was a kid (but I'm still not used to the new-fangled blue ones.).

I do think I'd be disappointed to travel all the way to London to be confronted with an American candy shop though. Seems more suited to Times Square than Leicester Square.


Anonymous imajoebob said ... (17:18) : 

Perhaps because you have a longer history of Leicester Square than I you remember a time when it wasn't synonymous with ordinary and overpriced (my first visit was less than 20 years ago). I think the only thing I ever saw in the square that doesn't meet these criteria was a Santa Claus flash mob back in '03.

It's got to be better - maybe not a lot better, but better than the old souvenir shop in the Swiss Centre.


Blogger Speedway said ... (02:53) : 

Over here, in the US, commercialized themes abound in museum shows. I know the exhibits are so expensive that most museums could not afford them, nor even afford to remain open, were it not for the financial backing of the corporations. However, so many are thinly disguised commercials for their product, I can't bring myself to attend. The worst offenders seem to be the companies whose products are aimed at children, such as LEGOs, Barbie, and M&Ms.


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