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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

London's Elephants - No. 3 in the series

If you venture into the deepest reaches of Mayfair, you'll find this chappie outside Aspinall's Casino, in Curzon Street. They've made sure he won't escape but if you look at his ear, it looks to me like he gets a few pats for luck on the way in!

Click for No 1 in the series.
Click for No 2 in the series.

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Comments on "London's Elephants - No. 3 in the series"


Blogger Eric said ... (00:41) : 

How cute... This one is my favorite.


Blogger mea said ... (00:50) : 

He is adorable, I bet children love it!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (02:07) : 

In certain eastern cultures, isn't an elephant at your door a talisman for luck? Most appropriate for a casino.


Blogger San Francisco Daily Photo said ... (06:08) : 

I really enjoy this series! How many are there again?


Suggestion: it would cool if you would link to the previous images in the series, so we could easily go back to the other ones (at work, they sometimes call me "action item Joe").


Blogger Mathieu said ... (08:10) : 

Return of the elephant, lovely


Blogger Lisi said ... (08:26) : 

Wow, didn't know there is an "elephant series". No. 1 and No 2 are both posted before I joined the family...but they are really cool. I think this one is not really big so I bet it's perfect for kids to climb on. :-)


Blogger Denton said ... (23:34) : 

I like the idea of a series spread over a month. In my home town we have nine mouse sculptures on main street. It is intended to be a family adventure to find them. I will follow your example and start a series.


Blogger Ham said ... (00:34) : 

Glad everyone likes this one - actually, he was the inspiration to start it.

Manuel - thanks for the idea, you can see I've adopted it. I actually don't know how many there will be in all, it is all a bit of an adventure.

Denton - don't take the Mickey ;-) (Do I have to explain that is an English expression?) Hope to meet the mouse family soon.


Blogger Simon said ... (00:55) : 

Love your elephants! Seems to me there's another one somewhere in Victoria, on the road from the main-line station to the bus station... But maybe you're keeping it as a surprise?


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