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Friday, March 16, 2007

The London Eye and 25,000,000 passengers

The London Eye are approaching their 25,000,000th passenger and they thought it would be a good idea to stage a photo competition to mark the event. As, along with almost all other Londoners I've taken the Eye to my heart, I confess to being chuffed to the knickers when I was included in the invite list. The Diamond Geezer has an excellent write up of the detail, so I'll just talk about pictures.

I tried to make my photos different, not an easy task with something so thoroughly photographed from every angle, it was a tough call whether this or the "zoom" one on the Eye website picture is my favourite.from the session (or maybe, the "Lighthouse" one...) There are quite a lot of rather good entries, though. The Eye has been used in several of the Londonists Touch Up London series, too.

Can I encourage you (yes, that's right, you) to upload your photos to the site? This has to be an occasion where the more, the merrier. Come on, join in the fun!

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Comments on "The London Eye and 25,000,000 passengers"


Blogger puertoricogallery said ... (03:15) : 

Nice blog, i from Puerto Rico Island.


Blogger scouter573 said ... (05:15) : 

I've uploaded two and have a few more to go. You're an inspiration for me to get off my, uh, backside and into action. Thanks!


Blogger jonemo said ... (08:38) : 

Thanks for that hint! Finally some use for all my Eye photos! I also sent in my yesterday's dailylondon photo!


Blogger Unknown said ... (09:18) : 

Ohh i wish i had some pics of the Eye. This photo, Ham, is SUPERB. Surely you will win with this, i just adore it. Good luck! Great phrase; chuffed to the knickers, totally going to use that.


Blogger Olive said ... (13:00) : 

Amazing pictures!
Ham I love the sunset one too, it makes the eye look like a bike wheel...
I also agree with lynn, "chuffed to the knickers" can really catch on!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (14:13) : 

Your photo perfectly captures what my stomach would be doing if I went on that! Eye wasn't built last time I was in London. Actually, I think it was still called Londinium then1 :)


Blogger Bela said ... (18:09) : 

Every time I go to the National Theatre (which is quite often) I take pics of the London Eye: it's always the same but somehow different.

I like your pics very much, Ham. I've already uploaded three of my pics on the website (I'm gonna be shameless and give the link: As Jonemo says, at last some use for them! :-)


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