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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Archeology the easy way

Do you remember when I said that the tide rises and falls 30 feet (9m) in London ? The Thames is continually churning the river bed, currents can be flowing one way on the surface, and the opposite on the bottom. The result of this is that objects are always being thrown up and all you need to do is walk along at low tide and you can pick up objects hundreds of years old - quite a few people do, just like here.

The artist Gary Phillips collects these ojects and puts them together into works of art, to quote: "In my work I try to reflect at least 300-700 years of English history". You can see his Last Gasp (what a name!) Gallery here.

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Anonymous Fred said ... (00:09) : 

Hey, where's the whale! Hope they managed to save her life...


Blogger Ham said ... (08:06) : 

As of 08:00 Saturday we don't know. Here is the story if anyone needs to find out what it is all about.

I'll be followig the story and - if possible - getting a photo.


Blogger Ham said ... (08:20) : 

There are pictures Here and an amusing article from The Diamond Geezer here


Blogger Minor Fast Days said ... (22:22) : 

I'm starting to develop a passion for urban exploration in NYC where I live and Gary Phillip's work has inspired me...thanks


Anonymous FredB said ... (23:13) : 

Saw that the whale didn't make it on the news. That's sad. Is it common to find some in the Thames? No animal would live longer than 10 minutes in la Seine. No oxygen, and loads of chemical stuff I don't even want to know ;) And president Chirac once said he would swim there by 2000. He lied :)

Oh, BTW, Ham, I've played with the widget I've written for Eric's ParisDailyPhoto blog, and it works pretty well with very few modifications. It requires installation of Yahoo! Widget Engine (on PC or Mac) though. If you're ok with the idea, I'll keep updating it (there are still some glitches in the code).


Anonymous FredB said ... (23:15) : 

Sorry, reread my previous post to find some part is missing. I was meaning I've adapted the widget to London Daily Photo, of course. (and SanFrancisco Daily Photo too, actually).


Blogger Ham said ... (00:51) : 

Yes, it is sad. It's a very unusual event, to quote the BBC "It was the first sighting of the endangered species in the Thames since records began nearly a century ago."

The Thames is pretty clean these days (= not many factories left polluting it!), but it is still messy and noisy. The best theory I heard was that it was all the noise that confused it.

I'm very happy indeed that you publish a widget linking to me - many thanks! You should know that it was your widget that lead me to PDP, and to this - if you ever get to London, I'll buy you a drink!


Anonymous FredB said ... (11:59) : 

Good news the Thames is clean! Factories seem more important than life in la Seine...

I didn't know the widget lead you to PDP. That's nice to hear, definitely ;)
BTW, you can grab an early version from I'll be waiting for a few days to check if it behaves well on different images/texts. Erm, I'm so bad with those Photoshop things, the About box is ugly. And I'm afraid I can't do any better myself!

And ok for a drink! I actually sometimes jump on the Eurostar for a press conference, that's 3 ou 4 times a year. I'll let you know ;)))


Blogger Mother Damnable said ... (15:44) : 

Hiya, love your blog, just flew by from Brit Blogs.

I wrote a gonzo piece on the Whale it's a bit sad.

I hope to fly by again


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