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Saturday, April 29, 2006

All Souls, Langham Place

"Music does not become something but something may become music." I have come back to the BBC church, All Souls Langham Place, outside the BBC, because once again I'd like to recommend you listen to another bit of radio. It's the fourth Daniel Barenboim Reith Lecture, and if you only listen to one, listen to the first.

This week, he is talking in Israel to an Arab audience. Listen all the way through, including to the questions at the end and you will hear the answer to "Can we hear the music when the guns are so loud?"

This is the link to the First Lecture, this is the fourth.

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Blogger BlondeTown said ... (05:01) : 

I've been viewing your post recently and just wanted to say I enjoy it very much - always intereting! This is a wonderful lecture you posted here - thanks. Found you through PDP (of course).


Blogger Michael said ... (08:18) : 

Amazing Ham. Firstly, thank you for introducing me to the lectures. Now saved in my favourites for other future listening.

I loved the intro with the interviewer and hearing Barenboim playing Chopin at 13, because when you then hear the lecture, you realise how much he's grown and developed into some kind of philosopher.

I also liked the way he's focusing each lecture based on where he's giving them. I just wonder how one can get these messages to the common person. Of course, music plays a big part in society, but getting people to stop and listen is so hard.

DO you think that one day they'll say the same thing about blogs uniting different people?


Blogger Ham said ... (14:14) : 

Thanks, blondetown. Over the years I often listen to the Reith Lectures and mostly they transport me back over the years into a lecture hall, my mind wanders and I fall asleep. For me, this has been the most exciting series for years.

Michael, glad you enjoyed it (them?). For me, the first lecture when he demonstrated why the Oslo Accord could never have worked - using music - was an insight. Also, I love his ad-libbing with the questions at the end. I really felt that the session should have gone on for another 15 miniutes at least.

Blogs are part of what unite people, but I'm afraid they also divide. Will we look back and see the growth of them as a watershed, allowing conversation to be engaged across divides? I'd like to think so, but I reckon that its more like a step up - we aren't going to be on the downhill slope for a time yet.


Blogger Vancouver Daily Photo said ... (18:00) : 

I love your photos but I am beginning to wait for the comments that are getting more detailed, more varied and so interesting.

Thank you. Keep up the good work, it is appreciated.


Blogger Linda said ... (01:01) : 

Many thanks for the referral to the BBC 4 lecture. VERY interesting! & Timely! I really appreciate your suggestions.


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