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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Salam Alekum!

Today I have to say hello to some new Arabic viewers, here courtesy of this article, and Mina, a journalist and London Daily Photo reader. I had a great time translating the article. I managed eventually with the help of Systran. It all started promisingly, but descended into the deep joy that is computer generated translation: "Establishing identicals of this sites requires the wide horseman some thing" is probably my favorite. (On the subject - I hope you have found Engrish before now, if not, enjoy).

This shot is at Speakers Corner, on a Sunday, of a clearly Arabic gentleman who appeared to be preaching a message of understanding and violence reduction on all sides, which I would like to heartily endorse. I visited Speaker's Corner on this post, but didn't mention then that it is also the historic site of Tyburn Gallows, where criminals were hung .

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Blogger Michael said ... (22:05) : 

I love this photo Ham and the concept of Speaker's Corner. I sat next to a guy on the metro today (Paris' version of Speaker's Corner) who shouts about "Salut, Salaam, Shalom...." No matter what language it means "peace". He's 80 something years old and people put up with him because he's harmless and because you can't argue with peace as a concept.


Blogger Nicola said ... (23:30) : 

Nice portrait!


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