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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Little Green Huts

You pass these odd little green huts around London, and you may have wondered what they are. They are cafes for London cabbies, put up at the end of the 19th Century, by the philantrophist Lord Shaftesbury (he was really one of the good guys) and his friends. The reason that they are the size they are is because the police insisted that they could be no larger than a horse and cart. Nowdays, they are all listed buildings, but mostly still in use by cabbies. This is the plaque on this one in Russell Square, just next to Tiruvalluvar.

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Comments on "Little Green Huts"


Blogger No. 78 said ... (06:46) : 

I learn something new all the time. Thank you.


Blogger dutchie said ... (10:06) : 

They're lovely and this is the first time i have heard what they're for! Thanks.


Blogger Carmen said ... (11:05) : 

Can you believe that I have never noticed these huts when I've been in London? It's amazing that they're still in use.
And I am impressed by Lord Shaftesbury's life, he really was a model; I suppose Shaftesbury Avenue is named after him.


Blogger John Nez said ... (14:36) : 

Great blog! Great article... very inspiring that Lord Shaftsbury.

Amazing his life story hasn't been made into a movie by now.


Blogger Lisi said ... (16:33) : 

interesting post...good story


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (17:25) : 

That's neat.


Blogger Ryan of OC Photos said ... (17:40) : 

Can other people use these as well or are they exclusively for cabbies?


Blogger Sam said ... (20:40) : 

That is a great story! (and a lovely photo!)


Blogger ems said ... (21:07) : 

Many agree they are exclusively for the use of cabbies but I do remember a recent letter in the Guardian newspaper in which someone said him and his wife had been served at the shelter in Victoria.

The one near Hyde Park always seems remarkably busy.


Blogger midnitebara said ... (00:56) : 

interesting story. Now I know what they are if ever I come to visit london.


Blogger PDPB said ... (17:15) : 

thats something I`ve never heard of before - reminds me of a supersized police box, which is from the same era.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (16:39) : 

Message to those wishing to use these huts. I'm not sure about all huts, but the one at Embankment serves the general public with the best bacon sarnies in London - and cheap!


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