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Friday, July 07, 2006

Today is July 7th

A year ago today four total non-entities stepped onto London trains and buses and changed the face of my city, forever. Fifty two people and four murderers were killed, 700 injured. For all that the IRA were misguided, possibly psycopathic, fanatics it was never that difficult to step inside their heads as it is to understand the mindset of these British misfits.

Was it their idea of the virgins waiting for them that turned them on? The posthumous glory? Who knows. I refuse to call them muslims; that description no more defines their actions than does our common humanity.

Think instead of those left with the memories, those who lived through a small piece of hell on earth. In absolute terms the Somme and all that stood for may have been a lower circle of hell, but that does not diminish one iota the significance of the pain imposed randomly on people like you and I.

Rachel who lived through an underground bomb is an eloquent writer. Please take the time to read her work, visit her archives - read and learn. We cannot ignore and we must not forget. Not just London a year ago, but Madrid, Bali, New York: all those places where innocent people died because some murderers decided their cause was just.

This photo recalls the bombing of the Baltic Exchange by the IRA in 1992. Only (huh, "only") three people were murdered and the historic Baltic Exchange destroyed. Out of its ashes, the Gherkin, one of my favourite London buildings, has risen. Their names are carved into the granite wall, without any explanation. Let us not forget.

Rachel is calling for signatures on a petition for a public enquiry into the events of 7th July, to help avoid others having to go through what she has done. Please sign it, thank you.

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Blogger Annie said ... (00:35) : 

A very passionate post. Thank you for writing it. It was moving to read it.


Blogger Dr. A. said ... (08:46) : 

I think people should also take time to remember casualties of other terrorist autrocities. Please visit to read a bit more


Blogger Kathrine said ... (08:47) : 

I agree with annie - very moving!

I really like it when you say: I refuse to call them muslims; that description no more defines their actions than does our common humanity.

I'm linking to you on my page today. It's important to remember!

Regards Kathrine


Blogger selana18 said ... (08:53) : 

Hello Ham,

First of all I would like to thank you for your invaluable help... I am a new blogger and " WHITHOUT YOU I AM NOTHING "...

I was touched by the events that you remind me and really thanks for your post.

Let us not forget ...


Blogger Jazzy said ... (09:37) : 

It's very important to remember.


Blogger MLL said ... (10:41) : 

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Blogger MLL said ... (10:46) : 

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


Blogger Mark said ... (12:21) : 

The spirit of Londoners is and will always be unbreakable.I am linking you to my post today because quite simply we should never forget!

Thanks for all the help Ham, fingers crossed its still looking good:)


Blogger dutchie said ... (13:04) : 

Another yr gone by. Saw a short item about a father,who lost his son, having survived the last yr but nothing more than surviving.
I get goosebumps once again. Thanks for your post.


Blogger Carlos said ... (13:57) : 

What happened to them can happen to any of us, we can all be victims of lunatics, terrorists, fanatics that on behalf of religion but at the same time betraying those very principles massacre innocent victims as anonymous as they are. I had read this morning in El Pais about the first anniversary of London's tragedy: we support you and condemn such violent acts, on behalf of the Spanish people.


Anonymous anne said ... (14:39) : 

This is something we can only pray will not happen again. It's hard to really understand what goes inside people whose only mission in life is to hurt other people...very very sad...


Blogger Brian said ... (16:20) : 

Agreed Londoners are legendary in being unbreakable.
New Yorkers are pretty tough too. Strength is proved in adversity and heartbreak, and those that survive such terrorist attacks have often shown the ability and drive to rise above and prosper. But there are still so many innocents who suffer the results of actions from the angry and immoral few.


Blogger Carmen said ... (18:13) : 

In Madrid we had to suffer the same senseless violence, the impotence, the feeling that nothing would be the same again. My heart and prayers were with the londoners one year ago, and are with you again today.
Shaken, but not stirred. Moved, but not afraid. I know londoners will resist.
Thanks for this post, Ham. We won't forget.


Blogger Wilf James said ... (18:34) : 

Hello Ham,

Thank you for such lovely words combined with a stark image that reminds us of unnecessary death and destruction that comes from totally misguided people believing that killing others will in some way further their own cause.

How can that thought and act be so far from the truth?


Blogger edwin s said ... (18:51) : 

Thank you for the post Ham. I will be signing the petition. My brother was about to step on that train that morning but was delayed a couple of minutes. A tragedy that needs to have light shed on it.



Blogger Felicia said ... (22:04) : 

Well said Ham. Reminders are good, let us not be complacent.


Blogger breadchick said ... (23:18) : 

Ham, a most excellent post today. We all need to consider our world and what small parts we can play to make it the type of place where hate, intolerance, and war are not the standards we must live by. I'll be signing the petition.


Blogger Rachel said ... (12:03) : 

Thanks Ham xx


Blogger lynn said ... (19:42) : 

Beautifully written, Ham.


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