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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Discovered Art

Following from yesterday's post, I took this at low tide on the Thames, when I was taking the photo of the beach. Hope you like it as much as I did.

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Anonymous anne said ... (01:33) : 

Yes very nice shot! The moss on that rope adds character and depth to the shot. Love it!


Anonymous BrianG said ... (02:36) : 

I do like it as much as you did! In fact, I love it!

As an aside, if the knot is tightened, it is called the "Oysterman's Stopper" knot. Clifford Ashley in his book "The Ashley Book of Knots" (1944) relates how he worked with oystermen in Bridgeton, New Jersey, USA. There, he only glimpsed a stopper knot on a passing boat and he tried to copy it. He tied this knot (actually, the mirror image). Later, he found the knot that he had glimpsed was an ordinary "Figure of Eight". Since he couldn't find this knot elsewhere, he concluded that the "Oysterman's Stopper" was original to him. Anyway, this is one history of the "Oysterman's Stopper" knot.

I hope the above is interesting to you! - Brian.


Blogger Neorelix said ... (09:43) : 

Love this kind of fortuitous imagery; nicely shot.


Blogger jo said ... (14:32) : 

A good enough image for the Tate Modern, I shouldn't wonder??

No, seriously I really do like this.



Blogger Lisi said ... (16:17) : 

I like it too, it is art and a great capture!


Blogger Kim said ... (18:46) : 

Kudos to you, Ham! I probably like it more than you, as green is my favorite colo(u)r. Your composition is lovely, and I especially like what the diagonal rope and the white bits hanging down and the white grain of the wood going upward do to make a feeling of quadrants. I love the textures of the mossy brick and mossy wood. And thanks to Brian G for commenting on the knot, because I was wondering what it might be myself! A framed print of this would look lovely next to the one you took at the British Museum, featured a few days ago!


Blogger Kim said ... (18:48) : 

Uh, let me rephrase that last line: what I meant was that a framed print of this would look great next to a framed print of the photo you shot at the British Museum and featured on LDP a few days ago. (Don't want to give anyone the impression you are nabbing art work from the museum . . . yikes!


Blogger Ham said ... (18:49) : 

brain, great info about the knot! I wonder how it came to be there.

Thanks for the comments, all.


Anonymous NiC said ... (19:28) : 



Blogger Chris said ... (12:11) : 


Thanks !


Blogger sari said ... (22:18) : 

Awasome that green colour!! Nature do wonders. And some photographers, too. ;)


Blogger Bleeding Orange said ... (19:36) : 

Good composition.


Anonymous mulberry outlet said ... (13:55) : 

It is probably thinking "what's this guy taking a photo of me for?" unaware of its destiny of world fame!

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