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Sunday, October 15, 2006

A disappointment

I went out for a curry in Brick Lane, which is "renowned" for its Indian Restaurants. I hadn't done this before and I would love to say that it was a pleasant experience. If you enjoy being dragged into restaurants as you walk past, annd getting mediocre food over salted then it might have been. Sorry, I didn't enjoy it and, unless someone has a particular recommendation, I won't be going back. There are a lot better places to eat locally. A desultory photo for a desultory experience.

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (07:13) : 

Totally agree with you. Its been almost 2 yrs since I left London, but my worst experience with Indian food was Brick Lane. Should try "Tayyabs", a Pakistani joint near Whitechapel, close to Brick Lane if I remember right. The curries may be a little oily..but it sure is a good place to grab some hot spicy food after an evening at the pubs.



Blogger Michael said ... (08:10) : 

Ham, my very first impression when I saw the photo was "wow, look at the size of the salt & pepper shakers!" I then realised that one was a vase, but most certainly after reading your text, the other is the salt shaker. Sorry it wasn't good, but glad you brought your camera along with you just the same!


Blogger ems said ... (10:47) : 

Agree with Prashant - New Tayyab is on Fieldgate Street behind the Royal London. Food is great. BYO. Only downside is I have felt a little rushed in the past. This place gets very busy mid-evening and the queue for a table can be long.

Shame about Brick Lane - we have had some good meals there in the past. No-one should be trying to drag you in now - Tower Hamlets introduced a ban on touting recently. Put Brick Lane into BBC news search for more info.


Blogger Monica said ... (13:39) : 

Yea I've never been impressed with Brick Lane... Punjab in Covent Garden is my haunt, and they've never had to drag me in.


Blogger Kitten Heels said ... (14:27) : 

Whats this? curry? Brick Lane? No no no Ham...its BAGELS! Go back...NOW...the 24 hour Jewish Bagel shop, the second one in from the end of the road with the juicy salt beef in the you trot.


Blogger Kate said ... (14:27) : 

Ham, Thanks for the link; I've always found that photo very appealing.


Blogger Sally said ... (16:01) : 

I am increasingly finding eating out a trial due to over-salting.

Agree touting into restaurants ids repugnant. It is rife in melbourne's Chinatown and Lygon St (Italian) and becoming so in Sydney's Italian area. I refuse to eat in places that tout.


Blogger Jing said ... (16:36) : 

Um...India food, i havent tried any restaurant here.But the curry seems very populer recently.

btw, i got the postcard today. thx Ham!!!I like it very much~~when i saw it, i laughed again!!!


Blogger Gail's Man said ... (19:43) : 

Don't know if there are any Weatherspoons pubs in London, but here in Nottingham, Thursday night is curry night. They do a very tasty selection & with a drink it's only a fiver!

PS. I don't work for them!


Blogger Ham said ... (21:56) : 

Interesting to see that touched a nerve with others as well. Prasant, Ems, thanks I'll mark that down although I confess it may be a while before I will be tempted from the excellent restaurants in this area.

Michael - yes a salt shaker and I have even seen people using it!

Kitten Heels - I forgive you for not being 100% fmiliar with my archives. Been there, done that, got the waistline...


Blogger Kitten Heels said ... (22:56) : 

Oooh and its the right one out of the two! It's the best I've been going there since I was about 3 I think lol And I still don't take it back...go again :-P

Oh and don't forget the cheescake...Its so easily spreadable ;-)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (05:58) : 

I'm with Monica. Best Indian food I've ever had was at Punjab in Covent Garden.

And I live in Chicago, where we have some pretty good Indian restaurants...

I miss London, back, I think, in 2008.

Dave Ladner


Blogger cropstar5 said ... (05:23) : 

Great post! Great comments!
There's nothing better than great indian food (and nothing worse than bad indian food;)
Hope you find something good to eat soon!
Christy (LVDP)


Blogger ej said ... (16:17) : 

I totally agree with you about Brick Lane. By far the best curry house in that part of the world, about 10 minutes walk from Brick Lane, off the Commercial Road, is The Lahore Kebab House at 2 Umberston Street, London, E1 1PY. Absolutely wonderful food, and you'd be hard put to spend more than a tenner a head.


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