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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Marylebone Lane - Part II

This picture WAS taken down Marylebone Lane. And, because I want to ramble on about the Tyburn (and the picture is relatively boring) that post, and the answer to my quiz is here to view and read as you wish. For the rest of you, here is a kitten puppy. (remember the Interludes and Test Cards?

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Comments on "Marylebone Lane - Part II"


Anonymous James said ... (00:54) : 

Cute! It's not boring at all!


Blogger Ham said ... (01:02) : 

Ah... it's the top photo in this rather long post that is the boring one.


Blogger Kate said ... (02:22) : 

Dogs are never boring!


Blogger Victoria said ... (02:46) : 



Blogger Faye Pekas said ... (05:48) : 

Awwww he looks so sweet. Puppies can melt any heart.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (09:44) : 

Am I being dense? I was hoping to see an article about the Interludes (e.g. the potter, or the fish) when I clicked on the link, and instead find a page about the millennium dome! Is this some sort of joke, Ham? But a great article about the Tyburn.


Anonymous John - Melbourne said ... (10:20) : 

Good boy! Sit!

I've just noticed the info under your photo for yesterday... Well I look like a fool don't I, but when I logged on to comment,I did not get the info, just the pic... perhaps it was still downloading... sorry about that, thought you were leaving it to our imaginations!

Now fetch!


Blogger Michael said ... (19:11) : 

Puppies and SEX will get them every time. Good one Ham! I don't follow the story line, but the photo is cute.

Just re-read that...I don't mean Puppies AND Sex, but puppies and sex.... ;-)


Blogger Ham said ... (22:53) : 

anon - link fixed,it goes here now. You can even get the music.

Michael, commas can work well sometimes.....


Blogger Gerald England said ... (11:31) : 

Well I was going to comment on the post above but moved down to this one. I remember those test cards and having watched the potter's wheel and done london to brighton in four minutes and finally got back to here, it's time to sort lunch out, so I'll sign off.


Blogger Kevin the Collie said ... (16:19) : 

Ohmygod - that looks like my long-lost brother! The breed is tricolour Collie, much more distinguished than the black-and-white version: well I would say that!!


Blogger Kevin the Collie said ... (16:26) : 

PS Kev again. I just had another look at that chap and he seems to be a spaniel cross. Very handsome!


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