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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

September Theme Day - Big

The theme this month is "Big", and I confess I didn't want to just do a picture of something big. Also,much as though I've always thought of London as a big city, having spent time recently in China, with cities of 20 million people, London doesn't seem that big any more.

So, what is it that is so big about London? I thought long and hard, and then it came to me: London's influence over the rest of the United Kingdom. Look at the road map, London sits like a great spider, with its web reaching evrey corner of the country. Just about every town has a "London Road" - here we are in Alton (where I spent the weekend), still it has a London Road. Even Edinburgh and Glasgow have a "London Road".

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Blogger Vogon Poet said ... (18:24) : 

Interesting and convincing post about the bigness of London. I'd like to have a London Road even here, we could do with a London Pub (original, eh?). Nice Theme Day post, I really love London!


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