Monday, June 26, 2006

London's Elephants - No. 7 in the series

London's Elephants again! This one has to be the least known, tucked away in Crouch End. This topiary elephant is so quintessentially british, I love it. Somewhat difficlut to get a clear shot with all the cars and the roadworks, here is another view.
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Comments on "London's Elephants - No. 7 in the series"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (00:36) : 

please, please, use the one from elephant and castle, for its beautiful-while-horrific allure.


Blogger la femme said ... (02:48) : 


I love elephants.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (03:36) : 

I love elehants eyes. They look like they know something but aren't telling!


Blogger Ham said ... (09:34) : 

anon - Yes, the Elephant & Castle is in the list, but it is also the most obvious one, and the only one most people know. For those reasons, I'm afraid it will come at the end, at least of the "3D" elephants, which isn't that far away. I think this one is my favourite, for being so quirky.


Blogger Brian DubĂ© said ... (11:28) : 

Love the series idea, and this elephant is so charming...


Blogger Lisi said ... (14:03) : 

haha, this one looks cute, and your elephant series is interesting ;-)


Blogger Unknown said ... (17:57) : 

This elephant series is interesting and this one is wonderful.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (19:33) : 

Nice series.


Blogger Julien said ... (12:09) : 

Nice house. I think thieves do not wanna go inside it with this outside


Blogger Mark said ... (21:00) : 

So English:)
Tomorrow is the Sainte Maxime DP funny caption competition day. Its going to be a good one:)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (20:30) : 

Ah ah!!! :-) I love it! Haven't you got any cows? I love cows! I'm sure there are... somewhere in London or in the suburbs maybe...


Blogger Ham said ... (22:33) : 

Celine, I may find somehting in that line for you ;-)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (17:21) : 

Your topiary elephant is one of my favorites! It's so big and lumbering--looks as if it is taking a stroll down the sidewalk and pushing the gate post out of the way. Love this series!


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