Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cruciform Building

Today is another request day, this time for Emily, who asked for a picture of the University College, and particularly of the Cruciform building.

This old hospital is fascinating becuase until recently I could never have shown you what was so special about it. That is, until Google Earth. Here it is. (In case you can't make the connection - it is built in hte shape of a cross)

Now, the history makes no mention of it, but for years it was the Masonic Hospital and I heard tell that the shape was supposed to be esoteric. You make up your own minds.

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (14:21) : 


And shocking that I previously had no idea of the shape and hence why the entrances were at those strange angles to the street (I was at UCL just across the road for 3 years, many moons ago).


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (17:56) : 

Ditto all of NiC's comment.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (19:52) : 

Ham, what street is this on? I stayed at UC London a couple of summers ago, but I didn't see this. I was by Gordon Square. I suppose the college could be spread all over London. Cool building!


Blogger Cheltenhamdailyphoto said ... (23:20) : 

Yes. Looks lovely. So solid. I like the idea of the shape being esoteric. I've made up my own mind - that it is. lol.


Blogger Ham said ... (01:23) : 

Ruth, its on Gower Street, next door to the main hospital. It's not at all obvious what's going on, so don't be surprised.


Blogger Jing said ... (13:32) : 

interesting information.
and wonderful building~~
well, i like it,.

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Blogger C. said ... (23:44) : 

Aw, good old alma mater! :) *sniff*


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