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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

London's Elephants - No 9 in a series

Todays elephant post is going to be a small quiz as well. If you are a Londoner, or even if you have visited London you have probably seen this elephant without realising it. But where is it, do you know? A London Daily Photo Postcard Prize to the first with the right answer. A second Postcard prize to anyone who knows the four letter word associated with this. More general pic and info tomorrow.

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Comments on "London's Elephants - No 9 in a series"


Blogger Lisi said ... (04:08) : 

No idea Ham, but I'm really interested to know the background of this one, an Indian woman with three men (Arabic, Turkish? and Chinese?)...looks like there is some history behind this


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:42) : 

Very nice photo Ham! But have no idea where this is :(


Blogger Ham said ... (13:44) : 

Peter, looks like you have the first Postcard, the Albert Memorial it is.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (15:31) : 

Would the four-letter word be Asia?


Blogger Jing said ... (15:42) : 

no ideas about its detailed information..:p
but i guess there may be a very interesting story ...


Blogger Ham said ... (16:31) : 

Congratulations, Helen, the second postcard winner! Did you know or was it a search? Either way you get the card - email your address to londondailyphoto [at]


Blogger Helen said ... (17:13) : 

I am glad to say that I knew. I love the Albert Memorial and stop to look whenever I happen to be near there. In fact, I go out of my way to stare at the four continent figures.


Blogger Kim said ... (17:47) : 

No matter the location or the name, this photo is very well done, Ham. A beautiful addition to your enjoyable series!


Blogger Michael Salone said ... (06:11) : 

I didn't dare guess, but was eager to find out the answers! Thanks Peter and Helen....and HAM of course!


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