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Thursday, November 16, 2006

London's Elephants - No. 11 1/2 in a series

I love London. If this was a book launch in Paris, there would have been a clever, artistic interpretation of mammoths in pre-history. New York? Hey, let's sell everyone a Mammoth Burger. Here? Come on folks, let's put a woolly mammoth in Trafalgar Square.

Don't you just love Garef (Gareth) the mamef (mammoth)?

Follow this link to find out what it was all about, or just enjoy the sight of a woolly mammoth in London.

Gareth has sadly been downgraded to 0.5 of an pachyderm because you don't have the opportunity to see him (except here,of course).

It was Dan the Elephant man that alerted me to this event. Do explore his site if you'd like to daydream about what it might be like to earn youn way through life working with these magnificent animals.

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Comments on "London's Elephants - No. 11 1/2 in a series"


Blogger Kate said ... (01:11) : 

I checked out all of the elephants a few days ago. Love 'em all. This one today is mammouth!! Great shots; my favorite animal.


Blogger ems said ... (07:04) : 

I love it!


Blogger Zannnie said ... (08:33) : 

Great shot of this furry mammoth elephant...This series about elephants is very interesting!i˝ll be back for some more....:)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (09:25) : 

Excellent... but I'm really sorry I missed this one!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:55) : 

Very beautiful and funny photos. Thanks for that blog.


Blogger edwin s said ... (13:53) : 

who let the woolly out on the streets eh? Big Bird?

Good posts these past few days Ham!


Blogger Lisi said ... (15:45) : 

Ham, months ago when you posted the first few elephant photos, I doubted if you'd have enough elephants in London for a long series...BUT you do! at least a dozen now...this mammoth is cool :-)


Blogger Michael Salone said ... (17:39) : 

I'm very disappointed in you Ham. Did you ask Gareth's permission to take his photo?


Blogger Ham said ... (21:22) : 

These elephants just keep comin' Mind you - would you want to stop one?

I can tell you that there are at least two more......

Oh, and Michael, I wih I was being facetious but yes, I did. Well, alright, actually Gareth asked if I could take his picture. Yes I do speak mammoth.


Blogger Sally said ... (00:12) : 

Oh, ham - I do just love your take on London life! Michael - I thought his forte was self portraits?


Blogger John Nez said ... (15:55) : 

Luv the Mammoth! That's one critter they really ought to try to clone back into life from extinction... especially since it was most likely early humans who hunted them to extinction. There's no shortage of frozen mammoth DNA up in the arctic tundra.


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